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Providing clients with the premium quality products, we acquire trust as the most important confirmation of our work approach.

We strive to overcome clients expectations in the dynamic process of developing new products, maximizing the value of products while minimizing the time and financial costs whenever possible.

Take a look at our products:

Backwall & Overhead Dispensers_

We produce several thousand highest quality dispensers every year. Both in product design and outlining phase, we think about all aspects of product use. Therefore, apart from design, our products stand out for modularity, functionality and easy assembly.

Premium quality Plexiglass Products_

Products of premium quality final processing.

We have the possibility of very quick realization of more complex client requirements, both for individual products or serial production.

Premium quality look painted mdf products_

Perfect finishing, premium quality.

We’re able to produce highly demanding elements, using all industry-standard painting techniques. In addition to painted mediapan, we have the ability to process all types of wood and chipboards.

Shop fitting_

We offer complete shop design & furnishing with preparatory and finishing works.

Completing such projects in a fast turnaround (from conceptual design to installation), but in addition, every element shows our precise approach and dedication to smallest details.


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