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About Us

SIM Solution is a company engaged in design, manufacturing and assembly of the premium quality POS products.

We work in a fast, precise and reliable way, and we see the trust of our clients as a most important confirmation of our aspiration to create a superior product.

Many years of experience in realization of the most complex customer requirements allows us to proudly emphasize the lowest percentage of product complaints on the market.

    The key to successful sales is always meaningful and well-designed communication. Visual presentation of products gives customers the opportunity to, despite diverse market offer, recognize the value of a brand that suits their needs and tastes.

    Assured that affirmation of the brand’s visual identity is achieved through a strong and effective concept, as well as with the flawless realization, we minutely consider functionality, applicability, and marketing profitability for our clients at each stage of the product development.

    We create displays, advertising shelves, kiosks, cash plates, presenters, promotional counters, and all kinds of cardboard and printed materials, with the focus on the premium high-quality materials and the advanced production technology.

    With a highest level of organization and a special quality control system, we approach each project individually, responsibly, and accurately. Along with the precision and quality of the process itself, it is equally important the obtain the precision and quality of the final product.

    With the complete process of designing, planning, production and assembly of complex POS elements for advertising at the point of sale, in every way, we attain the recognition of client’s promotional products.


    Constantly working on the development of new products, our experienced professionals apply the most modern technology standards and the highest quality materials. Besides top quality, all our products are distinguished by the highest level of product finishing, modularity and ease of assembly and application. We strictly evaluate the quality of our products and services as part of our unique quality control system, making the successful realization of the client’s ideas a certainty.

    Creative Studio_

    Led by the initial idea which we develop through mutually conceived concept, we strive to ensure the recognisability of the client’s promotional products and make them more visible.

    With creative thinking, insight into marketing standards and continuous improvement of the production process, e are assured in the realisation of the business vision of our client and the successful brand improvement.

    Highest Product and Service Quality

    Well-organized Teamwork

    Constant Advancement


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